WordPress website development

Website development in the WordPress system – personal design, optimal speed and adapted to the customer’s needs.

The code and core team makes sure to develop and write clean and orderly code, maintains a high level of performance and optimal loading speed.
Studio Kod Valiba develops websites with a personal, modern and innovative design, which invites action and is adapted to the client’s branding.
The company provides creative solutions for WordPress websites and develops plugins and advanced technological solutions according to the customer’s needs.

תמונה דיגטלית להמחשת השירותים של החברה הכולל גבר גולש ונישן על מכשיר פלאפון נייד
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Our advantages

Code and Core advocates new, advanced technologies, writing clean, orderly and accessible code that provides a high level of performance. We are experts in creating personal templates from scratch. Corrections on Google, accessibility and more C3W base

Premium design
Custom UI/X design
Responsive website
Responsive mobile friendly website
Adapted to promote
A standard site optimized for organic SEO
Elite Development
Client side development from scratch without use in plugins or templates
standards code C validator free3W Semantic and clean code
Adjustment to needs
Custom content management system
Maximum protection
Websites secured with
technology the most recent
Website accessibility
AA for accessibility
Loading speed
Scores of +95 on Google Speed
content management system
Content management is convenient and easy to operate

The process of building the site

WordPress \ WordPress – development of
advanced and responsive websites with personal design and standard code

Characterization and understanding of needs

Understanding the client’s needs and creating an orderly characterization that includes a design brief

UX/UI design

Planning the user path, designing the first concept page and moving on to the design of the rest of the internal pages based on the design of the page of the concept page

Client side development

Development of the Pixel Perfect client side based on the design created in the previous step and the implementation of attractive elements, and animations that call for interaction

Server side development

After finishing the client side we move to the interesting part of the development. We connect the client side to the server side in various languages ​​according to the client’s requirement and finish the development at this stage

QA- take off and

They are part of QA at the end of the development of each integral testing product from the process to the finished product. The tests are done strictly and by multiple devices and computers and different platforms

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