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Kod Valiba is a company providing technological solutions with more than 10 years of rich experience in the field of characterization, design and development of digital products such as: trading systems, ERP systems, applications, interfaces, websites and more in a variety of technologies and working with different sectors in Israel and around the world.

Kod Valiva places an emphasis on progress, developing products with the most leading technologies in the market while providing complementary services and accompanying customers from end to end in all stages of the process.

תמונה דיגטלית של אישה רושמת
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Our Services

Code and Core provides services that together make up a wide range of solutions for companies/individuals in the technological age, in a market that is constantly developing.

אייקון של שיתוף


Development of websites and virtual stores applications

אייקון של התחברות ופרופיל


UX/UI branding and marketing content design studio

אייקון של קוד וליבה


Optimization, promotion and website maintenance

אייקון של קפה


Advanced and customized storage solutions in the cloud

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