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Code and Core puts an emphasis on developing friendly websites and interfaces (Accessibility core for the user and accessible to all objects and has developed a plugin that answers a large part of the requirements of the law for accessibility) ui plugin We provide C 3W websites at the Html level websites and in addition to the development according to all the requirements and receive approval from a certified AAA Accessible at the level of accessibility approved by the Ministry of Justice and do a certified accessibility course

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Code and core accessibility plugin

Accessibility core ui plugin

The accessibility tool developed by Code and Core

Provides an answer and various options such as activating a screen reader, supporting languages, pausing, animations, enlarging and reducing the mouse cursor, changing the background colors of the site, enlarging and reducing the content, a tool for creating personal navigation for each site by pressing the white\ button, changing the contrast of the site to black Tab, and switching between the website buttons independently, highlighting links and more.

Full disclosure:
according to all AAA requirements, there is no plug-in on the market that is able to provide full accessibility at the plug-in level. The plug-in itself in all the old companies answers a large part of the requirements in the law, but intervention in the website code is still required and accessibility at the plug-in level is not sufficient.

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Website accessibility and the new laws for website accessibility

Following the new laws of the Ministry of Justice to make websites accessible in order to catch up with Europe and the world in accessibility laws, many websites are asked to make their website accessible at different levels according to the requirements of the law.

You can find an orderly breakdown of the law and the requirements in this link: click here

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תמונה של שירות הנגשת אתרים - אישה על כיסא גלגלים

20% of the population are people with disabilities of various types

The accessibility law provides an answer to the population that is almost forgotten in today's digital and advanced world. Internet users with various disabilities who use the Internet every day cannot be ignored, and they also deserve a comfortable experience and use, and Code Veliba has made a decision to take the whole issue of accessibility very seriously and has developed a plug-in for website accessibility that facilitates the use of any digital-Web product and allows easy access even for the disabled population. Kod Valiba undertakes to continue to promote the development of the plug-in and the accessibility of websites in Israel to the various populations and to equalize use in the digital world

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