Code&Core specializes in design and development DIGITAL products – From characterization on a piece of paper to fully usable great digital products.
With a combination of UX/UI designers and programmers with rich experience in the most innovative and up-to-date technologies we make sure to stay in line with the latest design trends and recommendations of google and w3c to create rewards winning projects.
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UI / X design
Characterization and design from the concept stage to fully grown digital products with interactive user flow that attracts interaction.
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Web development
Website development on various platforms, including optimization and meet the highest standards in the market.
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Developing eCommerce Stores
Development of Ecommerce shops on a variety of platforms, including integrations with various clearing companies, ERP systems and more
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Mobile / Web Application Development
Development and design of web and mobile applications in various technologies - web / hybrid / native web .
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Costume systems development
We Specialists in the design and development of custom systems in a variety of platforms managing internal processes in companies and providing creative solutions.
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Website Optimization & Marketing
We excel in optimizing websites for Google and have extensive experience in developing sites and applications that are ideal for marketing.
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